“Class-in-a-Box” Training Programs

Our Course, Your Instructors

Developing a new training course for your school or educational institution requires a tremendous amount of time and effort, as does having to keep course material up to date and staying on top of ever-changing industry standards. The Fiber School’s “Class in a Box” solution offers a “Train the Trainer” course, which provides you with the requisite equipment, consumable materials and instructor training, making it simple for you to provide numerous courses through your existing or newly-created program.  You bring the instructors you need trained, and we’ll handle everything else. Your students can receive certification through The Fiber School (TFS) with all of our training programs.  With our “Class in a Box” program, we’ll send our instructors to your school or organization and get your instructors trained and certified to teach our courses.  Students who graduate from your courses will have earned certification through The Fiber School.

Value of Certification Whether you’re new to the fiber optics industry or a seasoned professional, keeping yourself current with the latest fiber training is essential. Employers will sometimes require their technicians to be certified prior to offering them a position, especially if the position calls for specialized work. Working technicians may also enroll in certificate programs to increase their education, advanced their careers or learn new skills.

  • Validate technical skills through hands on labs
  • Confirm that you fully understand fiber optic codes and theories
  • Gain an edge over the competition
  • Companies sometimes require certification for contract work

As part of the program, you’ll receive an instructor’s manual for each of your instructors, which will provide them with all of the documents they’ll need to instruct their own classes.  This includes an instructor version of the student manual, a PowerPoint of our slides with all of the notes you’ll need to teach classes, and a lab manual, as well as the TFS practical exam to test the students’ theoretical understanding of the material and a standard TFS exam to administer to students.

Fully-Customizable Learning Programs Our student kit is designed to be flexible to meet your needs.  All student kits come with manuals and registration documentation, and can include tool kits if desired.  You can either retain the tool kits, reusing them each time you run a class, or you can make the tools part of the class’s cost to ensure that each student leaves with a variety of crucial tools they’ll need to do their job right.  Certification prices are included in the student kit prices.  We also provide every student with free online access to all course materials for one year from the time of the class.  This allows them to review the course, keeping their knowledge current. Every organization has different priorities, and we’re ready to adapt our Class in a Box program to what fits you best.  We can format the class to suit your trainers’ needs, and we even offer custom-designed lab books made to your specifications.

Learning Objectives Your instructors will be trained to provide Certified Fiber Installer training, which will provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Layout, install or maintain fiber optic cabling systems
  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of fiber optic theory, codes, standards and installation practices
  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of individual hand-on skills, including:
    • Performing industry standard fiber optic terminations
    • Preparing cables for inside and outside applications
    • Performing fusion splicing and splice tray preparation
    • Testing with the OTDR and optical loss test equipment

Upon completion of our course, students will be able to:

  • Technically explain the fundamental principles and operation of optical fiber, including but not limited to fiber types, data rates and optical carrier requirements, and connectivity points.
  • Ascertain when and where optical fiber technology can be used effectively.
  • Define the most efficient and effective fiber path taking into consideration such variables as the number of access points and whether the system is buried (preferred) or a pole system.
  • Calculate a link budget.
  • Describe and design different fiber topology options.
  • Establish equipment requirements for proper installation and effective operation of optical fiber communication systems.
  • Select the appropriate fiber type for the application (i.e., single versus multimode, number of strands).
  • Successfully install and configure necessary equipment, for example, Ethernet fiber media converters that convert a digital signal to/from an optical signal.
  • Explain and demonstrate the issues, challenges, and appropriate methods for fusion fiber splicing.
  • Functionally describe the various methods of connectorization, identify appropriate connector types for specific applications, and explain the advantages and disadvantages for each.
  • Discuss and demonstrate splice case methods and issues associated with underground and aerial applications (e.g., use of mechanical splices and connectors as a temporary “make-good”).
  • Productively utilize optical fiber equipment (e.g., identify and specify receiving media converter).
  • Select and operate appropriate test equipment for troubleshooting, for example, determining the location of fiber cuts using an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR).
  • Maintain and repair the system and equipment according to system provider and/or Caltrans guidelines.  Develop and demonstrate a working knowledge and skill set for tasks such as fiber splicing.
  • Assess and compare the pros and cons of common alternatives

Our “hands-on” course activities include:

  • Sheath Removal on Loose Tube Fiber Cable
  • Buffer Tube Fan-Out Kit
  • Fusion Splicing
  • Documentation and Reporting

Student materials (included):

  • Student Manual
  • Lab Manual
  • Practical Exams
  • Tool Kit
  • Consumables for Labs
  • Online access to course material for one year

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