Industry Standards & Codes Course

Introduction to Market Standards

LEVEL 01-2 hours of online instruction


This TFS Standards & Codes presentation series for use in the design, installation, and implementation of the structured cabling infrastructures and is a reference of common technology and design best practices.

It is difficult for “Telecommunications Installation Professionals” such as cabling contractors, integrators and technical and installation personnel to stay current with codes, standards and installation practices. Thefiberschool on-line training presentation series is focused on providing “Standards, Codes & Best Practices“ presentations which apply to various telecommunications infrastructures or projects. They overview and explain the various organizations involved in “ICT” (Information & Communications Technology) including BICSI, the TIA, the IEEE, the ITU, and the NEC as they pertain to those various market infrastructure projects.

Although telecommunication professionals make investments in training by obtaining important manufacturer and individual certifications, many soon realize that it is just the beginning. Often, although they may have valuable installation skills as a result of their training they may still lack important knowledge or understanding of the various market standards and codes that impact the quality of an installation project.

These on-line training presentations offer a convenient, cost-effective ( $25 or $50 ) option to understand complicated market Standards, Codes, and best practices. Presentations remain active for repeated viewing up to 4 times or 1 month.



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