Network Management Certifications

FiberBaseStrong “Network Management” is a valuable skill which leverages software tools to save carriers millions of dollars every year:

  • Quickly identify network damage on a GIS Map using an OTDR trace
  • Track network changes over time
  • Store historic OTDR traces
  • Store audit-able maintenance and asset reports
  • Perform financial calculations based on your network assets
  • Provide detailed reports for work orders
  • Calculate which test equipment will be compatible with a given span

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Network Asset Management

Certificate ID Certificate Name Related Exam Price (USD)
TC-FBE FiberBase Engineering Training TE-FBE $150
TC-FBT FiberBase Certified Technician TE-FBT $150
TC-NAME Network Asset Management Engineer TE-NAME $150
TC-NAM Network Asset Management Technician TE-NAM $150