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Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin

The Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Admin (UWA) course is a two-day, in-class training course focused on the most important concepts in Enterprise Wireless Networking, with special emphasis on best practices for designing/managing UniFi WLANs. Learn with hands-on lab activities using Cloud Gateway devices, as well as the latest generation of UniFi APs.



Available Certifications

Students must pass exam to be certified.

TFS UWA Certification $150

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This two-day, in-class training course teaches the most important concepts in Enterprise Networks, focusing especially on Wireless Networks. The course has been completely redesigned with new course materials and lab activities using UAP-AC-LITE and other UniFi hardware to emphasize on how to design, build, and manage the latest, top-performing WLANs.

  • Intro to UniFi WLANs
  • RF Fundamentals
  • 802.11 Networking
  • WLAN Planning & Design
  • WLAN Deployment
  • Wireless Troubleshooting


Lecture Topics Include:

  1. WLAN Fundamentals
    • Unlicensed Radio Spectrum
    • Channel Operation
    • Regulatory Domains
    • WLAN Standards
    • Wireless Access Methods
    • Network Equipment
  2. WLAN Planning
    • Wireless Technology
    • Coverage & Channels
    • TX Power
    • Antenna Gain
    • Channel Availability
    • Signals vs. Noise
    • Airtime, Capacity & Density
    • Mixed Networks
  3. Deployment
    • Site Surveys
    • Overlap
    • Wiring & PoE
    • Benchmarking
  4. Basic Adoption & Configuration
    • Multi-Site
    • Layer-2 Adoption
    • WLAN Groups
    • SSID, Security & VLANs
  5. Analytics
    • Advanced Adoption & Guests
    • Cloud Hosting
    • Layer-3 Adoption
    • Discovery, SSH, DNS & DHCP
    • Minimum RSSI
    • Zero-Handoff Roaming
    • Guest Portal
    • Access Controls
    • Customization


The UEWA course is written with great detail so you can follow each step closely and understand the technical objective of the activity. Your trainer will provide you with a LiteBeam-ac 5 GHz, 23dBi radio/antenna (LBE-5AC-23) and UniFi AP-AC Lite (UAP-AC-LITE). For each lab activity, read the description at the beginning to understand the objectives. Then proceed to follow the instructions step-by-step as you configure your airMAX-ac and UniFi devices. At the conclusion of the lab activity, compare your lab topology with the topology diagram shown, then answer the questions in the review.

Your trainer will assign you a unique number (X) to differentiate your IP settings from that of others. Later, you will work in groups (Student A and B) to complete lab activities, where your unique number (Student X) is still used for reference. As an example, Student 1 (A) and 2 (B) work in a group and use their unique numbers (1 and 2, respectively). If the lab activity requires Student 2 (B) to set an interface address to “10.1.(100+A).B”, then Student 2 (B) would set the interface address to “”, since (100+A) = (100 +1) = 101 and B = 2.

Prerequisites: Level 1


Target Audience

Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Certification Track
While not a prerequisite to the UEWA course, the UBRSS (Ubiquiti Broadband Routing & Switching Specialist) course teaches you basic, foundational networking concepts, regardless of your technical background. It also explains how different Ubiquiti products, such as routers, switches, and access points are configured and deployed in broadband & enterprise networks. The UEWA course targets students who have some experience in wireless networking, independent of vendor. Both courses are fast-paced and feature plenty of lab activities to reinforce theory and practice technical concepts. At the conclusion of the course, you can take an exam to certify at the level of Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin. If you pass at 65% or higher, you will receive a student certificate.


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