Installer (Level 1) Certification

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Fiber Optic Installer Level Courses

Installer level courses are our new to intermediate level courses designed for students who have either no experience, limited experience or who wish to brush up on their skills. If a student is new to the telecommunications industry, it is recommended that they begin by taking Fiber Optic Fundamentals.

Certified Fiber Optic Installer

The class we recommend to most students getting started is the 2-day Certified Fiber Optic Installer (CFI) course. Our CFI course consists of an online lecture portion (required) followed by hands-on lab exercises to be completed in the classroom.

Specialized Installer Courses

Specialized installer courses provide industry-specific knowledge and exercises to prepare students for work in the field. Specialized installer courses may contain hands-on labs with harsh-environment connectors, connectors broadcasting, military connectors, assembling FTTX closures, setting up a CCTV video surveillance system, etc. depending on the industry/course.

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