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Ubiquiti UniFi Full Stack Professional



The Ubiquiti UniFi Full Stack Professional (UFSP) is a one-day introduction course intended to precede & complement other specialized training courses on the UniFi platform (ex. UWA). Using Cloud Gateway devices, students train on the UniFi “full stack” of software applications available to technical professionals seeking futureproof enterprise solutions in the dynamically changing IT world.

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Available Certifications

Students must pass exam to be certified.

TFS UFSP Certification $150

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This is an entry-level course specially designed for networking professionals in the service provider
background. The topics include:

  • First-time use, setup & management of network equipment
  • Basic network design, protocol stacks and data models
  • Addressing and subnetting for IPv4 networks
  • Anatomy of a router and essential routing protocols
  • Standard network services and security across different OSI layers


Course Lecture and Labs

  1. Device Management
    • Configure Lab Equipment
    • EdgeMAX Product Family
  2. IPv4 & Subnetting
    • Addressing Basics
    • Subnetting
    • VLSM for Providers
    • Summarization
  3. Network Design
    • OSI Model & Encapsulation
    • Network Topology Foundations
    • Network Interfaces
    • The Local Network
    • Network Communication
    • The Wide Area Network
  4. Routing
    • Routing Tables
    • Static Routing Protocols
    • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  5. Services & Security
    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • NAT
    • Firewalls
    • Tunnels & VPN
  6. Appendices
    • IPv6 Intro
    • EdgeOS Commands
    • Addressing & Routing Tables


The UBRSS course is designed with plenty of hands-on lab activities to accelerate the learning process. The trainer will supply each student with an EdgeRouter-X (ER-X), EdgeSwitch-8-150W (ES-8-150W), and airMAX-ac device to simulate their own local area network. Students will also connect their ER-X to the airMAX-ac radio, which connects to the trainer’s airMAX-ac, which connects to the trainer’s EdgeRouter (and upstream Internet). Read the description at the beginning of each lab activity to understand the purpose of each lab, then follow the instructions step-by-step to complete the activity.

Your trainer will assign you a unique number (X) to differentiate your IP settings from that of others. Later, you will work in groups (Student A and B) to complete lab activities, where your unique number (Student X) is still used for reference.

As an example, Student A and B work in a group and use their unique numbers (1 and 2, respectively). If the lab activity requires Student B to set an interface address to “10.1.(100 +A).B”, then Student B would set the interface address to “”, since (100+A) = (100+1) = 101 and B = 2.

Prerequisites: Level 1


Target Audience

Routing & Switching Certification Track
The UBRSS course is designed for students with virtually no prior knowledge of network theory. While not a prerequisite to the UBRSA course, UBRSS lays the foundations for the fundamental routing and switching concepts that surround service provider networks, including VLANs, Policy-Based Routing, multi-area OSPF, as well as intro-to-BGP. Mastery of the UBRSS course concepts is crucial to your success in the networking world and advancement through the Ubiquiti Academy.


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