FiberBase Certified Technician (TR-FBT)

Course Information

This FiberBase Certified Technician four-day instructor-led (online or classroom) FiberBase Training course provides participants with the training needed to create and maintain a relational database on a fiber distribution system. FiberBase training students are asked to bring a sample of what they use to document their Fiber networks. On the last day of training students will further develop their skills by using a CAD/CAM drawing of a particular room or a design drawing of a portion of their long or short haul routes between network structures.

Course Synopsis
Target Audience


FiberBase Training will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills:

  • Build both long and short haul Fiber Topology rings
  • Enter physical equipment
  • Create custom equipment sets

Course Synopsis

  1. Introduction to FiberBase:
    • Presentation Format
    • Course Objectives
    • FiberBase Components
    • FiberBase Configurations
  2. FiberBase Fundamentals:
    • Workspaces
    • Toolbars and Views
    • Layers and Groups
    • Loading Equipment
    • Templates
  3. FiberBase and Fiber Topology:
    • Long-haul Routes Between Locations
    • “City Level” Structure Locations
    • Short-haul Routes Between Locations
    • Splice-Point Locations
    • Ducts and Inner Ducts
  4. Building Fiber Networks in FiberBase:
    • Sheaths and Routes
    • Building and Placing Equipment
    • Creating Floor Space
    • Creating Lineups
    • Creating Fibers from OSP Sheath through to TX/RX
  5. FiberBase Functionality:
    • Linking Traces to Topology
    • Display the Trace View
    • Taking Advantage of Twist Factors
    • FiberBase Reporting
    • Creating Custom Reports with Crystal Reports, FiberBase and Visio
  6. FiberBase Review:
    • Examination of Pre-Work
    • Q & A
    • Instructor and Classroom Survey

Target Audience

FiberBase Training is designed for individuals entering fiber plant information into a relational database.

  • Those participating should have a basic knowledge of fiber and fiber optic networks.
  • Participants will also benefit from having a good working knowledge of a graphical Windows environment.

Hands-On Labs

No lab information available.


Certificate: FiberBase Technician


Description Item Code Price
FiberBase Technician Training – Certified Fiber Installer training is designed for those who layout, install or maintain fiber optic cabling systems. It identifies you as an installer able to demonstrate a practical knowledge of fiber optic theory, codes, standards and practices widely accepted in the fiber optics industry. In addition, this training incorporates two days of individual hands-on training validating installer skills, including fiber terminations, cable preparations, fusion splicing, OTDR and optical loss testing. These skills are applicable to all the requirements to safely and competently install, maintain, and test fiber optic cabling systems.Item Type: Fiber Optic Installer Training Courses TR-FBT $2,350.00
Certificate: FiberBase Technician – This exam must be passed in order to qualify for a certificate in our Certified Fiber Optic Installer course. This exam will consist of a combination of multiple-choice, fill in, diagram drawing, or other similar questions. More information about this specific exam will be given during the Certified Fiber Optic Installer lecture (either online or in person.)Item Type: Installer Training Exams TC-FBT $150.00
Exam: FiberBase Technician – This ETA exam may accompany our Certified Fiber Optic Installer course. ETA certifications are one of the industry standard certifications in the telecommunications industry. ETA Certified Fiber Optic training is the only way to take one of these exams (and hence get the certificate.)Item Type: Installer Training Exams TE-FBT Included
Lab: FiberBase Technician – Manual Installer Training Labs TL-FBT Included
Practical Hands On: FiberBase Technician – Training Practicals Manual CFI Item Type: Installer Training Practicals TP-FBT Included
Manual: FiberBase Technician – Installer Training Manuals TM-FBT Included

Schedule & Registration

Mar 3 – Mar 6, 2020 Quakertown, PA $2,500.00
May 18 – May 21, 2020 Quakertown, PA $2,500.00
Jul 20 – Jul 23, 2020 Quakertown, PA $2,500.00
Nov 16 – Nov 19, 2020 Quakertown, PA $2,500.00

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