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Professional Certifications“Hands-On” Training at its Best

TFS has developed comprehensive, integrated certification programs that meet the needs of designers, installers, and users of fiber optic and copper cabling.

TFS certifications are available for each application’s telecommunication market needs including CATV, CCTV, Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN and WAN), Premise Cabling, Outside Plant, Security Access, Wireless Networks, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and power utilities.

As your professional career advances, various TFS Certifications are available to meet your specific needs.

These TFS certification levels include; “Fundamentals,” “Installer,” “Technician” and the advanced “Master” certifications. TFS Certifications are unsurpassed in the industry and unique in it’s “hands-on” approach to learning, which ensures that students have truly learned what will be required in the field.


Fundamental / Basic Level Certification
Basic Level
Installer Level Certification
(Level 1)
Technician Level Certification
(Level 2)
Master Level Certification
(Level 3)
Professional Level Certification
(Level 4)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4


All certification courses from The Fiber School include a combination of the following:

• A series of Hands-On exercises and demonstrations
• A written Multiple Choice Exam
• A written Practical Exam

The TFS Practical exam is unique in that it is a written “workbook” exam in which students demonstrate practical knowledge and an understanding of the certification-level material.

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