Fiber Optic Certifications

The Core of Your Training

Whether your goal is to eventually become a Fiber Optic Installer, Outside Plant Specialist, Fiber Repair Technician or you’d like to do it all, your core Fiber Optic courses are essential to creating a strong foundation for all future training and career success. Look around the website. Kick the tires. Get a feel for what it’s going to be like out in the field.

No matter which direction you choose, we’ll be there to guide you through the process and help ensure your success.

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Certificate ID Certificate Name Related Exam Price (USD)
TC-FOF Fiber Optic Fundamentals TE-(FOF) $150
TC-CFI Certified Fiber Installer TE-(CFI) $150
TC-FCB Fiber Characterization Basics TE-(FCB) $150
TC-FTTX Fiber To The “X” TE-(FTTX) $150
TC-OSP Outside Plant TE-(OSP) $150
TC-FOT Fiber Optic Technician TE-(FOT) $150
TC-MFS Master of Fiber Splicing TE-(MFS) $150
TC-MFT Master of Fiber Testing TE-(MFT) $150
TC-MFOT Master Fiber Optic Technician TE-(MFOT) $150
TC-FCT Fiber Characterization Training TE-(FCT) $150
TC-ERC Emergency Restoration Course TE-(ERC) $150