Premise Wiring Systems Technician (TR-PWST)

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Showcase Your Cutting-Edge Technical Skills, and receive your professional TFS certification as a Premise Wiring Systems Technician!

The Premise Wiring Systems Technician (TR-PWST) is a follow-up course to Premise Wiring Installer (TR-PWSI). This course will give the most advanced level of understanding of how to assemble, wire, and test various commercial building inside plant and outside plant cabling systems.

Course Synopsis
Target Audience


This course will allow students to:

  • Understand the EIA/TIA standards for category 5e, 6, 6A and 7
  • Understand the EIA/TIA standards for laser optimized fiber optic cabling
  • Know the performance specifications for the high performance Twisted Pair Media
  • Understand Premise Wiring test equipment
  • Understand distance limitations, attenuation, near-end crosstalk, wire mapping and how to test the performance of copper and fiber media
  • Understand the logical and physical organization of premise systems, the products and test equipment needed to install and maintain them
  • Demonstrate basic skills needed to assemble, wire, and test various inside plant cabling systems including new advanced cabling systems by participating in hands-on lab exercises including fusion splicing and OTDR testing.

Course Synopsis

The Premise Wiring Systems Technician covers many areas, including:

  1. Lecture Topics Include:
    • Introduction – Course Objectives
    • Ethernet Fundamentals
    • Wireless Networking
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Testing Copper Cables
    • Testing Optical Fiber
    • Voice over IP
    • CCTV Fundamentals
    • The Telecommunications Standards
      • EIA/TIA 568B Series
      • EIA/TIA 569A
      • EIA/TIA 606A, EIA/TIA 607
      • The National Electric Code
    • Cable Specifications
      • Media
      • Unshielded Twisted Pair
      • Screened Twisted Pair (ScTP)
      • Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)
      • Category 5e, 6, 7 and beyond
      • Laser Optimized Fiber
    • Cable Applications
      • Backbone, Horizontal, Work Area
      • Media Types (Cables)
      • Distance Limitations
    • Review/Questions
      • Media Terminations and Components
      • Copper and Fiber Optic
      • Connections
      • Patch Panels
      • Cable Management
    • Installation Practice
      • Horizontal Pathways
      • Backbone Pathways
      • Work Area
      • Fiber Optic Practices
      • Miscellaneous Practices
      • Grounding Basics
    • Testing and Equipment
      • Test Equipment
      • Electrical Parameters
      • Optical Parameters
      • Permanent Link Testing
      • Channel Testing
  2. Hands-On Labs
    • Set up and install a basic CCTV system
    • Build copper, fiber and coax links using Power Over Ethernet
    • Copper Testing
      • Certification Testing
      • Permanent Link Testing
      • Channel Testing
    • Fiber Termination Labs
      • Pre-polished no epoxy terminations & pigtail splicing
    • Fiber Testing
      • OLS Optical Loss Test Set
      • Test a Fiber Optic Link
      •  Time Domain Reflectometer
    • Fiber Testing
      • Tier 1 & Tier Link testing

Target Audience

The Premise wiring Systems Technician training is designed for those who design, install or maintain copper and fiber optic Systems. This course is designed for experienced commercial building Installers, technicians, and communications Specialist involved in the communications, construction, maintenance and troubleshooting, utility, and service industries. This course is an excellent opportunity for currently certified installers and technicians, to gain practical field skills that can be immediately put to use on the job.

The following knowledge or experience level is desirable but not required:

  • 2-year electrical or telecommunications voice\data experience
  • Basic knowledge of fiber optic cable types
  • Basic Knowledge of cabling pulling
  • Basic knowledge of cable installation
  • Basic knowledge of cable testing
  • Basic knowledge fiber connector types
  • 2 years of Commercial Building installation experience or equivalent
  • Prior knowledge of basic testing equipment and procedures
  • Be a certified installer or technician or other industry certification (equivalent)

Hands-On Labs

In the extensive hands-on labs, students will learn how to:

  • Install an 8P8C Modular Plugs
  • Install an “F” Connector
  • Install and test a UTP\Coax CCTV System using Power over Ethernet
  • Test a Category 6\6A Horizontal UTP Link
    • Tonner & Probes
    • Wire Mapping
      • Certification Test Set
  • Test a Laser optimized fiber optic link utilizing
    • Fiber Identifiers
    • Fiber Visual Fault Locators
    • Power Meter & Light Sources
    • Certification Test Sets (Fiber & UTP)
    • OTDR


This certificate offered exclusively through, identifies you as a Certified Premise Wiring Systems Installer who has completed our Technician Level (above installer) course (including practical hands-on labs utilizing the latest techniques and equipment in the telecommunications industry.)

The following exams apply to TC-PWST Certification:

  • Required: TFS Written Exam (TE-PWST)
  • Required: TFS Written Practical Exam (TP-PWST)
  • Required: Completion of selected TFS Lab assignments (TL-PWST)
  • Prerequisite: Commensurate industry experience
  • Prerequisite: Current Installer level credential

Disclaimer: Note: This certification is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at The Fiber School’s sole discretion. TFS approved training facilities might include further requirements.


Note: Additional fees may apply. The available locations for this course are visible in the Schedule section.

Description Item Code Price
Premise Wiring Systems Technician -The Premise Wiring Systems Technician training expands a student’s installer training and encompasses a higher knowledge level of copper and fiber optic cabling used in inside plant commercial buildings and customer-owned outside plant environments (Campus). This training incorporates hands-on labs including multi-vendor copper and fiber terminations and expanded fiber optic splicing and testing labs. Students will learn skills that are applicable to all the functions required to safely and competently install copper and fiber communications cabling in the premise environment. TR-PWST $2,500.00
Exam: Premise Wiring System Technician – This lab is part of the hands-on portion of our Premise Wiring Systems Technician course. This lab will consist of multiple hands-on exercises to get the student ready to pass a practical exam. Details about this specific lab can be found on our course detail page at the link below. TL-PWST Included
Practical: Premise Wiring System Tech – Training Practicals Manual PWST TP-PWST Included
Manual: Premise Wiring System Technician – Training Manual PWST TM-PWST Included
Certificate: Premise Wiring System Tech – This certificate, exclusive to, identifies you as a certified Premise Wiring Systems Installer who has completed our Technician level (above installer) course (including practical hands-on labs utilizing the latest techniques and equipment in the telecommunications industry.) TC-PWST $150.00

Schedule & Registration

Mar 24 – Mar 27, 2020 Quakertown, PA $2,650.00
Jun 24 – Jun 27, 2020 Quakertown, PA $2,650.00
Oct 19 – Oct 22, 2020 Quakertown, PA $2,650.00
Nov 16 – Nov 19, 2020 Quakertown, PA $2,650.00

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