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Know Your Network!

Anybody who has worked on the back end of a network knows all-too-well that any network, regardless of its size, needs to be properly managed. Without proper network and asset management, you can very quickly lose control and find it impossible to manage your resources. Loss of control often results in extensive downtime, increased maintenance costs, more truck rolls and very unhappy customers.

The Fiber School offers cutting-edge training and certification in Network and Asset Management. Students have the opportunity to learn from some of the best network management engineers in the industry and can learn on FiberBase, which is among the best large-scale network management tools in the industry.

Students will learn how to:

  • Quickly identify network damage on a GIS Map using an OTDR trace
  • Track network changes over time
  • Store historic OTDR traces
  • Store audit-able maintenance and asset reports
  • Perform financial calculations based on network assets
  • Provide detailed reports for work orders
  • Calculate which test equipment will be compatible with a given span