System Design Course

Outside Plant System Design

LEVEL 216 hours of online instruction


The fiber optic Outside Plant System Design course is for technicians and designers with fundamental fiber optic knowledge or installers and technicians interested in the planning, layout, design and testing of OSP infrastructure. It focuses specifically on outside plant installations (OSP). OSP includes communications such as building to building or long haul telecommunications (including customer-owned OSP.) Emphasis is on single mode fiber optic infrastructure installation and the associated international standards, theory, and practices and testing procedures.



Available Certifications

Students must pass exam to be certified.

OSPD Course Completion $150

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Certified Outside Plant System Design training will provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Design standard-compliant, reliable, and cost-effective fiber optic networks.


  • Refresher on Fiber Optics: Fiber Optic Advantages and Applications, Terminology and History, The Fundamentals of Light Propagation, Scales of Measurement and the Spectrum
  • Fiber Theory: Characteristics of Singlemode and Multimode, Manufacturing, Bandwidth and Linear effects
  • Cables: Cable Types, Construction and Specifications
  • Connectors and Terminations: Temporary and Permanent Connections, Connector Types, Mechanical and Environmental Considerations, Performance Specifications, Connector Loss Issues, Splicing Applications
  • Splicing and Fusion and Mechanical: Fusion Splicing, Mechanical Splicing
  • The 14 Steps toward Design: Steps necessary include selecting Standards, creating maps, and timelines, determining fiber performance, cable, connector and splice specifications, and selecting wavelengths. Also covers passive devices, optoelectronic specifications, selecting hardware and defining testing, acceptance values, and cost analysis.
  • Installation: Planning and Standards, Premise/LAN and Methods, Outside Plant and Methods, Aerial and Burial Techniques, Installation Tools and Equipment
  • Test Equipment: Loss Testing Tools and Equipment, Standards and Methods, Return Loss, Bandwidth and Dispersion, OTDR Theory and Applications, Loss and System Budget Calculations
  • System Components and Design Issues: Transmitters and Receivers, Passive Optical Components, Couplers and Splitters, WDM and DWDM Issues
  • System Design Exercise: Tools and Equipment, Practical Applications, Time Saving Techniques


There are no labs associated with this course.

Prerequisites: Level 1

Knowledge or experience in the areas of Fiber Optic Advantages and Applications, Cables, Connectors and Terminations, Enclosures and Panels, and Test Equipment  is required. Taking the Fiber Optic Fundamentals (TR-FOF) course before this one is recommended.

Target Audience

Certified Outside Plant System Design is designed for those responsible for the basic design and layout of OSP telecommunications projects or who supervise OSP installation personnel. Aimed at employees of utility companies, their subcontractors, and end-users who design, layout, implement and construct OSP projects including “Customer Owned OSP” deployments.



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