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Emergency Restoration Course

LEVEL 22 DAY COURSE +16 hours of online instruction


It is not a matter of if an outage will occur – It is a matter of when an outage will occur!
Network outages can cost a company thousands of dollars for every minute that your network is down. Having a recovery program in place is critical.  Having a staff that has been trained and prepared to deal with the emergency when it occurs is also vital.

The Fiber School has, over the years, worked with a number of network providers, including Adtell Integration, a leading contractor for emergency restoration services. We now offer our Emergency Restoration Training course to accommodate what has become an overwhelming industry need.  Our course emphasizes real-world hands-on troubleshooting techniques to quickly find the fault locations and provides students with hands-on experience in field restoration.



Available Certifications

Students must pass exam to be certified.

ERC Course Completion $150

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The Emergency Restoration Course emphasizes real-world, hands-on troubleshooting techniques to quickly find the fault locations and then allows technicians to gets hands-on experience in field restoration.


In the Classroom:

  • How to use the test gear in an emergency to locate the problem area
    • Determine a Loss Budget
    • What power generation, shelter, and lighting is suitable for a restoration
    • How to prepare the damaged cable for an emergency restoration, and how to facilitate the permanent repair
    • Mechanical splicing that is available, how to buy, store and use
    • What closures work best for restoration
    • How to make an emergency restoration kit
    • Practical tips designed to cut down-time
    • Safety rules
    • Creating a response plan
    • And More

In the field:

  • Build an Emergency Restoration Kit
  • Test the Span Using an OTDR
  • Perform Optical Loss Testing
  • Measure Tx Output Power
  • Measure Rx Input Power
  • Develop a Hypothetical Outage Condition
  • Define the Simulated Outage
  • Measure Optical Distance
  • Perform a Field Repair with a Restoration Kit
  • Re-Test and Re-Document the System


There are no hands-on labs associated with this course.

Prerequisites: Level 1

Certified Fiber Optic Installer (TR-CFI) or experience in the areas of Fiber Optic Advantages and Applications, Cables, Connectors and Terminations, Enclosures and Panels, and Test Equipment  is required.

Target Audience

The following knowledge or experience level is recommended:

  • 3 years fiber optic installation experience
  • Basic knowledge of splicing equipment and procedures
  • Basic knowledge of testing equipment and procedures
  • Be a Certified Installer or equivalent (desired)
  • Be an ETA Fiber Installer or other Industry equivalent (desired)

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Remember, if you have 5 or more students, we can bring our class to you at your own facility – saving you time and money!

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