Certified Installer Course

Military Specialized Installer

LEVEL 13 DAY COURSE +16 hours of online instruction


Military intuitions have trusted to provide their students with the best training in fiber optics. Our courses feature real-world hands-on exercises that ensure that students leave the course prepared to tackle new installations, maintenance and repairs of fiber optic networks. Certification from TFS ensures that students have passed the most rigorous exams and understand the course material. Course lectures must be taken online.

Upon successful completion of the required online lectures and exams, the student will then attend the TR-MIL Hands-on training sessions scheduled. The hands-on training session is required to complete the Fiber Optics for Military Certification.



Available Certifications

Students must pass exam to be certified.

ETA FOI Certification $150

ETA International - The Fiber School


MIL Course Completion

NETA Recognized
TR-MIL is approved for 8 CTDs

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Fiber Optics for Military training will provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Layout, install or maintain fiber optic cabling systems
  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of fiber optic theory, codes, standards and installation practices
  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of individual hands-on skills including:
    • Performing industry-standard fiber optic terminations
    • Preparing cables for inside and outside applications
    • Performing fusion splicing and splice tray preparation
    • Testing with the OTDR and optical loss test equipment


  • Introduction to Fiber Optics:
    • Fundamentals
    • Theory
    • History
    • Performance Characteristics
    • System Components including Transmitters, Receivers
  • Fiber Optic Installation Practices:
    • Optical Networks
    • Techniques, Standards & Codes
    • Cable Types
    • Connectors
    • Splicing
    • Enclosures & Panels
    • Tools & Test Equipment
    • System Design & Loss Budgets: Equipment, Techniques & Applications
  • Fiber Optics for the Military:
    • Tactical Fiber Optic Connectors
    • Tactical Fiber Optic Assemblies
    • About Tactical Fiber Optic Cable


In addition to the labs performed in the Certified Fiber Optic Installer course, students will also perform the following industry-specific labs:

Lab 1 Splice-on Connector Installation (TL-03C)

  1. To understand how to adapt a fusion splicer for a generic splice-on connector.
  2. To demonstrate the ability to adapt fiber strip measurements to any fusion splicer.
  3. To perform a visual inspection when completed and properly test to TIA Tier 1 standard.

Lab 2 MIL-C83526/16 Connector Termination (TL-25B)

  1. Understand the proper assembly and disassembly procedures for a TFOCA II connector.
  2. Properly use the TFOCA II termination tools.
  3. Field mount and repair TFOCA II connectors with a basic repair kit.
  4. Field convert TFOCA II connectors, to and from, plug and receptacle configurations
  5. Demonstrate that the segment can pass light and a visual inspection.
  6. Test and analyze the individual cable components using various testing devices.

Lab 3 L-Jack Industrial Connector (TL-25C)

  1. Understand how and why Industrial assemblies are deployed in outside applications including Antenna/Cell, DAS, Military, Mining, Oil & Gas, Traffic & Transit Systems.
  2. Properly install connectors using the epoxy and polish method of termination.
  3. Demonstrate the skills necessary to assemble a ruggedized housing made of chemical-resistant thermoplastic, a quarter-turn bayonet-style mating that is IP66/IP67 rated.
  4. Demonstrate that the segment can pass light and a visual inspection.
  5. Test and analyze the individual cable components using various testing devices.

Prerequisites: None

Knowledge or experience in the areas of Fiber Optic Advantages and Applications, Cables, Connectors and Terminations, Enclosures and Panels, and Test Equipment would be helpful, but is not required.

Target Audience

This course is excellent for anyone involved in the fiber optics for Militaryical environments and anyone who designs, installs, maintains, or tests fiber optic cabling systems.


 Available Dates & Locations


Remember, if you have 5 or more students, we can bring our class to you at your own facility – saving you time and money!

Customized Training

Any of our courses can be customized to focus on your needs – like using specific equipment, or working in a particular situation.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel any course. A full refund will be provided unless the student elects to transfer to another course or time.

No refunds will be granted for student cancellation, but substitutions are permitted.