Industry Standards & Codes Course

Educational Facilities

LEVEL 01-2 hours of online instruction


This TFS Standards & Codes presentation is for use in the design and implementation of the structured cabling systems used within Educational ICT Facilities and is a reference of common technology and design best practices.

The Educational Facilities Standards & Codes presentation is primarily based upon the TIA 568 standard and applicable codes and best practices as they pertain specifically to educational facilities. General Section Topics include: Introduction; Terms & Conditions; Applicable Codes and Standards; ICT Glossary; Infrastructure; Special Systems; Classroom; Admin Spaces; Functional Areas; Residencies; Physical Education; Campus and Building Services; and Special Areas.

Intended for Owners and Operators, Maintenance personnel, Contractors and Integrators, Installers, Technicians, Projector Managers and Authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), this presentation also covers Standards organizations involved in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) such as BICSI, the TIA, the IEEE, the ITU, and the NEC.



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