Premise Wiring Course

Premise Wiring System Fundamentals

LEVEL 18 hours of online instruction


Premise Wiring Systems Fundamentals is designed for new or experienced personnel who desire a fundamental knowledge of copper and fiber optic theory, codes, standards and practices widely accepted in commercial buildings and customer-owned outside plant facilities. This is an excellent course for those who install, supervise, design and/or oversee the installation of copper and fiber premise wiring systems in commercial buildings.



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Premise Wiring Fundamentals will give students a good foundation in both copper and fiber premise wiring installation techniques and equipment.

This course will allow students to:

  • Understand the telecommunication-wiring standards for high performance category rated copper cabling.
  • Understand a basic building physical topology (permanent link and channel).
  • Know how to analyze the performance parameters for copper and fiber optic cabling systems.
  • Know the performance specifications for the high-performance Twisted Pair Media.
  • Understand Premise Wiring Test Equipment.
  • Understand distance limitations, attenuation, near-end cross talk, wire mapping and how to test these measurable electrical properties of copper and fiber media.
  • Understand the current Telecommunication Commercial Building Wiring Standards (EIA/TIA).


  1. Introduction – Course Objectives
    • The Telecommunications Standards
    • EIA/TIA 568B Series
    • EIA/TIA 569A
    • EIA/TIA 606A
    • EIA/TIA 607
    • The National Electric Code
  2. The Topologies
    • Topologies (Physical)
    • Topologies (LAN Basics)
    • The Premise Wiring System
  3. Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
  4. Screened Twisted Pair (ScTP)
  5. Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)
  6. Coaxial Cable
  7. Fiber Optic Fundamentals
  8. Cable Applications
    • Backbone, Horizontal, Work Area
    • Media Types (Cables)
    • Distance Limitations
  9. Media Terminations and Components
    • Copper and Fiber Optic
  10. Connections
  11. Patch Panels
    • Cable Management
  12. Installation Practice
    • Horizontal Pathways
    • Backbone Pathways
    • Work Area
    • Fiber Optic Practices
    • Miscellaneous Practices
    • Grounding Basics
  13. Testing and Equipment
    • Test Equipment
    • Electrical Parameters
    • Optical Parameters
    • Permanent Link Testing
    • Channel Testing
  14. Specification Process
    • Reading Plans and Specs


There are no labs required to take this course.

Prerequisites: None

No prior experience is necessary for the Premise Wiring Systems Fundamentals course. Knowledge or experience in the areas of Fiber Optic Advantages and Applications, Cables, Connectors and Terminations, Enclosures and Panels, and Test Equipment would be helpful, but is not required.

Target Audience

The Premise Wiring Systems Fundamental course is designed for new or experienced personnel who desire a fundamental knowledge of copper and fiber optic theory, codes, standards and practices widely accepted in the telecommunications industry today.

This course is also recommended for IT professionals or facility managers who have a need to oversee telecommunication projects.



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