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Course Information

Our professional level programs certify that a student has passed at least two courses in a sequence and received instruction on techniques from the installer level up through the masters level. certified professionals will have received a much more rigorous technical education than the minimum industry standard. Professional courses allow a student to become a master technician starting with little-to-no knowledge. Companies wishing to train new personnel may wish to take advantage of these sequenced packages.


Course Course Code Price
Fiber Optic Fundamentals – This course provides students with a practical knowledge and understanding of the latest installation, splicing, termination, and testing techniques, achieving the knowledge and competency to design, oversee, direct and maintain fiber optic cabling systems. TR-FOF $600.00
Certified Fiber Optic Installer – This course teaches students to lay out, install or maintain fiber optic cabling systems. Certification identifies you as an installer who can demonstrate a practical knowledge of the fiber optic theory, codes, standards and practices widely accepted in the fiber optics industry. TR-CFI $1,500.00
Certified Fiber Optic Technician – The Fiber Optic Technician training is a perfect compliment for experienced fiber optic installers. The course utilizes technician-level, hands-on splicing and testing labs to demonstrate advanced procedures and techniques. Students work with test equipment from several different manufacturers. TR-FOT is perfect for professionals who are involved with designing, configuring, installing, testing and maintaining fiber optic systems. TR-FOT $2,500.00
Masters in Splicing – This course features advanced hands-on testing labs demonstrating advanced splicing procedures and techniques. After taking this course, students will become splicing specialists who are familiar with multiple types and brands of fusion splicers, cleavers and preparation tools and testers. Students will also learn industry-standard splicing techniques and industry “best practices”. TR-MFS $1,500.00
4 Day Hands-on Lab and Examination – The 4-Day Professional Fiber Optic Splicer “practicum” has proven to be immensely popular with our students. The practicum gives students the freedom to get their hands dirty while also demonstrating what they’ve learned in class. It’s an excellent chance for students to discover any gaps in their knowledge before taking the certification exam, while also providing a unique opportunity for students to ask the instructor questions while receiving hands-on, “real-world” experience. TR-PFOS-LAB $2,500.00
Price if courses were purchased separately $8,600.00
Savings by Purchasing PFOS $1,600.00
Total Professional Fiber Optic Splicer (TR-PFOS) Training $7,000.00

Schedule & Registration

This course is a compilation of five (5) separate components; four (4) courses which can be scheduled independently plus the 4 day hands-on lab and examination. Call 877-529-9114 to sign up for Professional Fiber Optic Splicer (TR-PFOS) and schedule your first course.

This modular structure allows students to attend any scheduled module at any scheduled location until the program is complete.

This PFOS professional course / track includes the following courses plus the 4 day PFOS lab training and examination:

Course ID Certificate Name Exam Code Certificate Code
TR-FOF Fiber Optic Fundamentals TE-FOF TC-FOF
TR-CFI Certified Fiber Optic Installer TE-CFI TC-CFI
TR-FOT Certified Fiber Optic Technician TE-FOT TC-FOT
TR-MFS Master Splicer TE-MFS TC-MFS
4 day Professional Fiber Optic Splicer (PFOS) lab training and examination

Planning & Reservations

Contact the Training and Development Coordinator for The Fiber School at or call 877.529.9114.

Student Registration Use the Registration Form above or download the editable PDF and email to

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Cancellation Policy: may cancel a course that lacks sufficient enrollment a week before it is scheduled to begin. When a course is canceled, we make every effort to notify all registered students promptly. A full refund is processed unless the student elects to transfer to another course or time. You can help avoid cancellation by registering early.

Student Cancellation: No refunds are permitted for student cancellation. Substitutions are permitted.

On-Site Training

With just 5 or more students The Fiber School can send the classroom to you! We offer custom, on-site training for any of our courses. Just give us a call at 877.529.9114 or email us at and let us schedule an on-site course that perfectly suits your needs.

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