Wireless Certifications

In an increasingly wireless world, you need to stay ahead of the game and continue to educate yourself. With wireless certification, you can advance in your career and have a valuable asset against the competition.

Certificate ID Certificate Name Related Exam Price (USD)
TC-WNF Wireless Network Fundamentals TE-WNF $150
TC-WIT Wireless Network Installation and Testing TE-WIT $150
TC-LTEBT Long Term Evolution Basics TE-LTEBT $150
TC-LTENE LTE Training for Non-Engineers TE-LTENE $150
TC-LTEBC LTE Training Boot Camp TE-LTEBC $150
TC-UBWA Broadband Wireless Admin (TR-UBWA) TE-UBWA $150
TC-UEWA Enterprise Wireless Admin (TR-UEWA) TE-UEWA $150
TC-UBRSS Broadband Routing & Switching Specialist (TR-UBRSS) TE-UBRSS $150
TC-UBRSA Broadband Routing & Switching Admin (TR-UBRSA) TE-UBRSA $150