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Increase in Demand for Quality Fiber Optic Training Across the Globe

Fiber Optic Infrastructure Growth

The best Fiber Optic Training is available across the USA and internationally through TFS @  We have seen a 3x to 4x increase in training requests recently and will make every effort to prepare students with real world hands-on training.  We have the best student to splicer / OTDR ratio in the industry and are the only school who requires three phases of preparation.  1. 50 question exam, 2. Hands-on labs where you learn tricks of the trade from industry experts, 3. a practical exam (open-ended questions) which builds troubleshooting and engineering skills.  However with our preparation techniques we also able to boast of the extremely high success rate of students  in class and professionally  thereafter.

We constantly strive to improve and that has allowed us to ascend to the top of our trade.  We hope you will share a training experience with us in one of our many professional tracks!


Christopher LaBonge



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Installer Course


  • Cables (Types, Marking, Selection)
  • Connectors & Terminations
  • Splicing (Fusion & Mechanical)

The Value of


  • Validates Your Skills & Training
  • Stand Out From Competition
  • Some Jobs Require Certification

Classroom Training


  • Interact Face-to-Face
  • Field Experienced Instructor
  • Hands-on Lab Lessons