Hands-on Skill-Building Labs

Learning by Doing

If there’s one thing that is undeniable, it’s that simulation will not help you build long-term skills. This is why our training focuses on hands-on skill-building exercises in our classrooms. Whether it is performing mechanical splices or stripping single strands of fiber, we emphasize the time-tested techniques that will inevitably save you time, money and frustration. Our course curricula provide ample time for students to learn required skills by allowing them access to tools and equipment they will use when they are in the field. Our hands-on labs are a cornerstone of our certification training. All of our instructors are seasoned technicians with years of field experience. With them, they bring their real-world wealth of knowledge to our hands-on labs.

Courses with Hands-on Labs

  • Hands-On Labs - No Simulation!
  • Use and Work With The Tools You Will See in The Field
  • Our Instructors are Skilled Technicians With Years Of Field Experience

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