Oliver LaBonge

The Fiber School - Instructor - Oliver "Hap" LaBonge
South Carolina

Oliver "Hap" LaBonge

Senior Instructor

“Excellent course by an excellent instructor. Hap was an amazing vault of knowledge on the subject. He really took the time to explain things so that everyone understood. Really enjoyed the hands-on aspect, as well as the theoretical part. Will recommend as excellent course to everyone back in Canada. Thanks again Hap!”


Oliver “Hap” LaBonge has been teaching at The Fiber School for over six years. Known for his diversity, the scope of his teaching has been unusually broad, having certified hundreds of Installers and Technicians throughout the United States. Hap has also taught many highly-specialized courses, filling classrooms in places ranging from Alaskan oil fields and shale mines in Western Pennsylvania to the New York City subway system.

Hap also runs several inmate training programs in a variety of State and Federal Prisons. His real-world field experience brings the classroom to life, helping create an engaging learning experience that motivates and empowers students from the halls of M.I.T., to the network specialists at Duke University and even the fiber optic professionals at Time Warner.


  • Certified Fiber Optic Installer (CFI)
  • Certified Fiber Optic Technician (FOT)


Fiber Optic Splicing100%
Fiber Characterization100%