5 Easy Steps…

While our main objective is to facilitate a learning environment that is interactive and rewarding, our secondary objective is to ensure that students find the process of interacting with the TFS website and staff straightforward and pleasurable. To accomplish this, we have a created our own 5 Step Process to get you started on your journey with TFS.

Step 1: Select Method – Online Form or Downloadable PDF

If you would like to submit your Student Information online and let us contact you, please follow the following link to our Online Student Information Form.

 Take me to the Online Student Information Form

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If you would rather download our registration form please click the link below.

Download Registration Form (PDF)  |  Download Registration Form – International Students (PDF)

Step 2: Payment for Training

If you selected to use the online student registration for a TFS sales representative will contact you for your preferred payment method.

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If you selected to download the PDF, please fill out the form and fax it to 215-689-1464. You are able to enter the credit card information on the form and it will be processed upon your request.

Step 3: Logistics

Once you are registered and payment has been confirmed we recommend you move forward and make your travel arrangements. If you are coming to our main training location or any of our destination trainings you will be able to find information about hotels and attractions on the locations pages we have developed to assist you in your planning process.

View Training Location Information

Step 4: Preparation

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with any additional information which might be available for your training. In some instances you will receive an online training login, so you are prepared for the class prior to your arrival. This offering ensures all students arrive to class on the first day with a universal understanding of the basic concepts which will be taught over the following few days. Therefore, if you receive this information we highly recommend you take the time to review the materials prior to your arrival.

Step 5: Execution

The classes have been designed to allow you to focus on the key learning points and not to overwhelm you with data and figures for memorization. Therefore, we hope you can come and enjoy the training with us this time and perhaps again in the future.