VIP-55 Video Inspection Probe Kit 1 (UPC/PC)


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VIP-55 Series Video Inspection Probe with Built-in WiFi


The ergonomically-designed VIP-55 Series Video Inspection Probe connects directly to your PC through the computer’s USB 2.0 port. Powered by the USB connection, it features easy single finger focusing, a built-in image freeze/capture button, and detectable resolution to 1μm. The VIP-55 Series Video Inspection Probe includes smartphone application to capture and record the fiber end-face from the Wi-Fi probe that is connected to an Android or iOS smartphone. The image can be captured or recorded as video and stored in your phone for easy sending to project managers and QA.


  • Completely wireless, self-powered support
  • Image-capture capability for documentation
  • 400x, High definition, clear image
  • Ideal for all types of connectors test: APC, UPC, MTP and more
  • USB interface compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


 VIP-55 Series Data Sheet [PDF 1.00MB]

PRO VIP-55 Kit Standard Package includes the following items

USB 2.0 digital inspection probe
Specified inspection tips
Soft carrying case
Link to Download Manual and Software