PRO LS-103D Light Source MM (850/1300)


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The LS-103D Laser Light Source (1310nm/1550nm) offers excellent stability and portability for accurate fiber optic testing in connection with an optical power meter. Used together, this is called an OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set. The single output port on the LS-102D provides stable light power at both wavelengths (1310nm and 1550nm).

Model: LS-103D Output Wavelength (nm): 850 & 1300
Emitter Type:    LD
Connector*:  FC/PC
Output Stability:  Short Term (15 minutes): <0.1dB / Long Term ( 5 Hours or above): <0.2dB
Central Wavelength: 850 ± 10nm & 1300 ± 20nm
Spectral Width:  5 nm
Output Frequency (Hz): 270, 1K, 2K
Output Power :  -5 dBm
Operating Temperature:  -10 oC to +50 oC
Storage Temperature:  -20 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius
Power Supply:  Li-ion Battery |  5V AC/DC Adapter
Dimension (mm):  115L x 65W x 30H
Weight:  140 g
Warranty:  Standard 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty (Extended Warranty Available)

* APC available upon request

PRO 100 Series Laser Source Standard Package Includes:
• FC/PC Connector
• Soft Carrying Case
• User Manual
• AC/DC Power Adapter
•  Calibration Report
•  Li-ion Battery

Optional Accessories:
• Available on Request: SC/PC, ST/PC, FC/APC, SC/APC
• External LC Adapter
• SRC-1 Semi-Rigid 100 Series Case

Ordering Information:
LS-102D | 100 Series Light Source (1310/1550) (SM)
LS-103D | 100 Series Light Source (850/1300/) (MM)

100 Series Light Sources Standard Package Includes:
SC/PC Connector (built-in), User Manual, AC/DC Power Adapter, Calibration Report, Li-ion Battery, Soft Carrying Case

LS-103D Product Spec Sheet
LS-103D Product Manual