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Attend a 2-day hands-on Fiber Optic Installer course, or a 3-day specialized installer course in Kansas City, Missouri (MO).  Kansas City (KC) was the first home to ultra-fast Internet and TV service, Google Fiber, but what does the future look like?

While Kansas City’s tech scene may still be overshadowed by those in other American cities, Matthew Marcus,  Executive director of the Kansas City Startup Foundation, says Google Fiber has helped foster growth.

“I’ll say that we like to classify several things as ‘BGF’ and ‘AGF’ — ‘before Google Fiber’ and ‘after Google Fiber,’ kinda strange,” he says. “We’re not Silicon Valley, we’re not Austin, we’re not Denver yet, but we’re also not, you know, Podunk Flyover Cowtown either.” – Matthew Marcus (original article:


“While many Kansas City residents enjoy the blazing internet speeds afforded by Google Fiber or area cable companies, including Xfinity and Spectrum, some local rural areas remain in the dark ages when it comes to the World Wide Web. Spring Hill, which is located in southern Johnson County/Miami County on the Kansas side of the metro, has the third-slowest rural internet in the country, according to a recent national study.” (source:

Aging resources, including copper cables, are to blame for inadequate rural broadband. While Google Fiber and other high-speed providers made a home in Kansas City, providing access to residents from entertainment streaming to the ability to do homework online, there are dozens of suburbs in the metropolitan area still looking to get up-to-speed. There is a big initiative across the country to bring access to digital services to rural America. The next decade should roll out new ways to bring affordable high-speed internet to more homes and businesses. Fiber Optic Installers, Technicians, Designers, Engineers, City Planners and more, should expect to a part of more discussions working towards a smart city infrastructure.

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