ETA Certifications

The Fiber School offers certain ETA Certifications for some qualifying classes.

TFS Course Certificate ID Certificate Name Related Exam Price
TR-CFI Certified Fiber Optic Installer TC-ETA-CFI Certified Fiber Optics Installer FOI317 $150
TR-FOT Fiber Optic Technician TC-ETA-FOT Certified Fiber Optics Technician OT113 $150
TR-OSP Outside Plant Technician TC-ETA-OSP Fiber Optics Technician – Outside Plant FOT-OSP113 $150
TR-PWSI Premise Wiring Systems Installer TC-ETA-PWSI Certified Data Cabling Installer DCI114 $150


ETA Certification Maintenance Policies

The date in which you first established your certification determines the rules and process you must follow in order to maintain your ETA certification. The following rules currently apply to all certified individuals who first received their certifications:

    • December 31, 1995 and earlier – ETA established certifications issued before January 1, 1996 as lifetime certifications. If you received your certification prior to this date, you are not required to maintain it. However, ETA advises that you maintain your certification knowledge and proficiency on a voluntary basis in order to demonstrate your continuing proficiency. If you would like to show that your skills are up-to-date, then you may enter the maintenance program for $50 with employer verification. You will then maintain your certification for only $25 a year with 10 hours of continuing education (or Employer Verification).


  • January 1, 1996 and later – To continue compliance with ISO 17024, ETA requires that those receiving their certifications after January 1, 1996 to maintain their certifications on an annual basis. Some certification programs—such as Customer Service Specialist (CSS), Master Certified Electronics Technician (CETma), and Certified Service Manager (CSM)—are not included at this time.

Motorola-specific certifications may have additional rules.

Maintenance vs Maintenance with Hands-On

There are two different maintenance programs-Maintenance and Maintenance with Hands-On. The difference between these two programs is whether or not there is a Hands-On requirement for a particular certification. If your certification requires a Hands-On exam in addition to the regular theory exam, then you will be enrolled in the Maintenance with Hands-On program. If it does not, then you will be enrolled in the general Maintenance program.


What are the requirements for Maintenance and Maintenance with Hands-On?

A late fee may be charged for certifications past their maintenance renewal date.


Which Certifications Are In The Maintenance With Hands-On Program?